About Me

I am Sahil Verma, an experienced professional dog trainer in Bendigo. I offer obedience training and behavioural training for puppies, junior and adult dogs. I use balanced techniques to build a trusting relationship with your dog that will last a lifetime. My training methods will build a desire in your dog to work with you.

I provide the below training services to suit your dog’s age, temperament, history and your expectations from your dog:

  • Private lessons and home visits in Bendigo and surrounding areas
  • Group training sessions, held at Longlea Recreational Reserve

All my classes/lessons are designed to provide participants with appropriate training and handling advice relevant to their dog's temperament. I address any behaviour problems the dog may be displaying as well as any handling/ownership issues the handler may be experiencing.

I am really fortunate to have Mark Murray as my mentor, who has over 40 years of experience as a professional dog trainer. Mark has guided my every step in becoming the passionate, experienced dog trainer I am today, and I strive to keep his legacy going.

I'm also a proud supporter of Bendigo Animal Welfare & Community Services (BAWCS) and it's a pleasure to volunteer my time to work with these dedicated animal carers.

My role with BAWCS is to provide dog obedience training and behaviour (temperament) assessments for the dogs that are rescued or surrendered into their care. Each dog that comes into the shelter is individually assessed then provided with appropriate training, to ensure it becomes the best possible candidate for adoption. Each dog is provided with socialisation and obedience training at Lake Weeroona or at BAWCS’ environmental enrichment and training facility.

If you are thinking about adopting a dog or a cat, or would like to know more about the wonderful work BAWCS does for all kinds of animals, then please have a look on their website. www.bawcs.org.au

Why choose me

  • I use a variety of training methods to keep the dog engaged and interested, which helps build stronger trust in the handler, to help you become a pack leader
  • You will receive a consistent approach throughout your dog’s life, as I provide training for dogs of all ages and all level of obedience
  • You will receive tried and trusted training methods
  • Helping dogs is my main incentive, hence the reason I volunteer my time with BAWCS

I will build a partnership with you, so we can achieve the goals you have for your dog. Remember, there are no shortcuts to becoming the pack leader but with my guidance you can become the pack leader your dog can rely on.


Sahil Verma  | Owner and Trainer


Elite Canines Training




Sahil Verma and Mark Murray


Sahil Verma and Debbie Edwards (President, Bendigo Animal Welfare & Community Services)