Training Videos

Difference Between ‘Heeling’ and ‘Loose Lead Walking’

Heeling is an exercise that is a MUST for every dog to learn. It shows the dog your leadership and it’s mentally/physically satisfying for the dog (does not matter if you have a working breed or not). As it is an intense exercise, you only should be doing it for a few minutes (matched to the dogs experience in this format).
On the other hand, ‘Loose Lead Walking’ is a calm exercise that can be done for extended periods of time.

Back Up 3 Steps

Teach your dog to heal backwards – Back Up 3 Steps
Back Up 3 Steps is a Master level Rally Obedience exercise. This technique will help you to teach your dog how to move back and maintain a precise heal position.

Change of Positions

Keep your dog motivated and sharp in the off-season i.e. Summer weather by doing Focused Change of Positions

Scent Discrimination

Teaching your dog to identify a particular scent can be a great game and great for your dog’s mental stimulation as well.

Moving Stand Down Return

One Sign at a time
Rally-O exercise – Moving Stands, Distance Down, Return Around explained.

Weight Management

This is a quick method of measurement to check if your dog is in good condition.

Use of Treat Bags

Knowing how to effectively use your treat bag can make a big difference to your training and help your dog to learn faster. Follow these few tips and see the impact it can have on your training. I have also included a link to the brand of treat bags below that I use and recommend to my clients.

Shake Trick

If your dog doesn’t know how to shake, here is how you can teach your dog and impress your friends.

Rollover Trick

Rollover is a very easy trick to teach your dog. Give it a go and remember to finish on a good note.

Obedience with a little twist

Reward based training is not all about the food, you can use anything that your dog find it resourceful to reward them with. This is a demonstration of some of the Obedience exercises and some unique fun exercises I worked on with my dog and he gets rewarded with a tennis ball in the end.

Mental Exercise

Doing some exercises that stimulate their brain will help your dog to relax mentally.

Helping out in the Kitchen

Giving your dog a job to do is a great way to teach them to earn their meal.

Grab a Beer

If someone ask you “Can your dog grab a beer?”, do be afraid of saying, “He can, but with the right training”. Always teach your dog something new in small steps and celebrate each milestone with your dog.